Thursday, September 04, 2008

Project Runway, etc.

I woke up this morning with a stomach ache, which isn't unusual for me. I also have a sore throat, which is--guess I've got a cold, dang it. I have to call in sick later for work tonight. I hate to do that because it's our busiest time of the year. Well, maybe there will be fewer people tonight because most of them came in over the last week for school physicals.

What is it about waiting until the last minute? And why is it that so few people believe me when I say you've probably got until September 30 or even later to get the physical done? Since last Monday (I mean before Labor Day) we have seen 140 children. This is impressive because a)this office is only open about 15 hours a week, and Dr. A is only there about 2/3 of that and b)90% of those kids were there for physicals.

Okay, next thing: thanks for the comments yesterday. I haven't made the ice cream treats in a while, but I think maybe I need to do so soon! Right now, the extent of my cooking is making homemade noodles this morning for noodle soup. Canned stuff just isn't going to cut it the way I feel so lousy. My noodles are nice and fat, almost like little dumplings. I already have some broth made. So when I finish blogging here, I'm going to eat some soup and then go take a nap.

At least I'm not babysitting today!

NOTE: If you missed last night's Project Runway episode and you're waiting to be surprised by the rerun, read no further! SPOILER ALERT!!!
Or else, scroll down...

Project Runway was a big surprise to me. I just watched the rerun because Mike and I were watching the 2-hour season premiere of "Bones" last night. Leanne won again, and Stella is out. Wow!

So, I need to take back what I said about Leanne being boring. She's such a little mouse, but oh-my-gosh, lately, the mouse is roaring! So she really does have talent--who knew? She deserved to win this week. I didn't like the jacket much, but that dress was gorgeous!

I, personally, would have picked Korto's awesome black and white and yellow dress. (I think I spelled her name wrong. My brain is not working very well right now.)

I don't like Kendall, but she did get me with how much this particular challenge meant to her. Her dress was very pretty. But, like one of the judges said, if it had had that extra layer it would have been the winner.

Now, Stella--there was a sort of surprise. Dang, that girl was starting to grow on me. You know, I almost missed her when the contestants were gathered to meet Diane VF. She really looks nice when she isn't looking freaky.

Alas, although the general idea of the outfit was nice, the execution was blecch. I might have mentioned before that the PR judges seem to tolerate just about anything except: poor execution and dull design. Stella just didn't hit it right either this week or last week. She looked p*ss*d about leaving. I was honestly sorry to see her go, at least at this point.

Is it too early to predict the final 3? I couldn't, at this point, but I really think Korto's going to be one of them!


Becky said...

Leanne has also been a surprise to me. She's really done some standout items over the last couple of weeks, and her dress/jacket last night was one of my faves. As was Korto's, but she's been a consistent fave of mine. Unless something drastic happens, those two might very well be two of the top three! I liked Jarrell's outfit a lot too, actually-- he's arrogant to a fault, but he does come up with some creative stuff! And I'm also beginning to think that Suede and Blayne's days are numbered...

BittersweetPunkin said...

I don't watch Project Runway...or anything really...LOL.

I do hope you feel better though!

tarable said...

I've been loving Leanne for a while, so it's nice to see her doing well. Yes, Stella was a little comic relief, but she just doesn't seem like a serious designer to me. The girls totally rule this season - I bet the next 2 or 3 to go are all guys.

I'm doing PR recaps too - so nice to see someone else who does them. Thanks!