Friday, September 19, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday thoughts

No pictures today. I haven't done much since last week. I plan to hit Joanne's tonight and have a list which includes lining for my jacket, buttons for 2 blouses (40% off!) and some maybe fancy fabric (on sale) to make a 'spooky bride' costume for the little girl I babysit. I won't buy the pattern tonight, though. Butterick is on sale but there isn't anything like a bride costume, or even a dress I can adapt. I don't get it--why aren't they more styles for slightly chubbier girls? It was a problem I also had when Katherine was little. (Katherine's still a big girl, but guess what? So far she's lost almost 35 pounds on Weight Watchers!)

I'm debating if I'll buy any of the 1.99 patterns. I might get one for doll dresses and one for dog coats. But as far as people patterns, well, I look at them and all I see is variations on several themes. I can take the patterns I already have and mess around with them. If I'm going to buy a pattern, even for 1.99, I want something unique!

I'm going to pick up some fat quarters in fall colors, too, for craft projects. I don't get to Joanne's often (it's 40 minutes away and I don't drive that far) so I stock up when I can. Hopefully, after tonight I'll have what I need to finish a few projects!

One other thing I'm working on is my son's afghan. It's been up in the attic because it's been too hot to crochet, but since the weather has cooled down quite a bit I brought it out again. I'm determined to finish it by Christmas!

What are you working on? Visit Shereen's blog (see "Waiting for Him" on my sidebar) and see what others are doing. And wish Shereen and her family luck...they're making a big, big move to a new home this weekend!


Ginny said...

Always love a sale. I know what you mean about trying to find unique patterns. It seems once we gwt a comfortable stash, it's hard to find something new. lol
I can understand not working on the afghan during the summer. Looks like it will wonderfully warm and a great gift for Christmas.

momawake said...

Oh my, Joann having a sale! Be very careful when you go in there. ;)

Debbie J. said...

You've been going up into the attic alot lately! LOL. What other UFOs are lurking up there?!!! I have one in mine that I need to throw away! It was a sort of a quilt I worked on probably 25 years ago and its horrible.

The weather certainly is getting more conducive to crocheting and quilting, isn't it? Every time I start crocheting on the edging I'm working on putting on a flannel baby blanket I get a hot flash! LOL:o) Maybe when it gets really cold it'll feel good to get up under the blanket while I'm working on the edge.

Kathie said...

Enjoyed visiting your site. I'm working on an afghan too. Hope to have it finished within the next week and will post a pic.
Blessings from Costa Rica