Friday, September 26, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday/Frugal Friday

I'm not sure if Shereen is doing Sew Crafty Friday today, since they moved this week. I sure hope all is well and the move went smoothly! But I'm combining Sew Crafty Friday with Frugal Friday, which is featured over at "Biblical Womanhood." Check it out for some wonderful ideas!

The top photo is a beautiful tea set that I bought at a school tag sale last week. All the pieces are there in perfect condition, in the box. Can you believe I only paid $3 for it? It is now up in my attic and will be the gift I give the little girl I babysit. She's almost 9 and has shown herself to be a kid who takes care of things, so I know she'll enjoy this.
This second photo is of two projects I made yesterday. The weird little triangular things are stuffed with rice. They're for a game called "Five Stones." I'm sorry that I forgot where I got the idea from. Basically, though, you put two squares of fabric together and sew around 3 sides. Stuff it about half full of rice or beans. Instead of sewing straight across the fourth side, you fold it so that the seams match. fThen it makes a sort of triangle. I got the cute Japanese fabric from an etsy shop. This is a great way to use up scraps. I have to admit, I can't really figure out the "Five Stones" game. I guess it's 'cause I'm not a kid.
Not sure who's getting this game, but I'm probably going to make a bag to put these in.
I was also thinking you could do five different colored bean bags and put them in a quart-sized paint can (available at Home Depot). A young child would enjoy trying to toss the bags into the can! Or make multiples of the colors for sorting and matching.
Obviously, the cloth bowl is for Halloween. But I plan to make some up for Christmas, too. I'll try to post a tutorial for it later this week. It's very, very easy to do--think 'giant yo-yo'!


Debbie J. said...

I did a Sew Crafty Friday post too. If shereen doesn't host it, I totally understand. Moving is more than enough to deal with and her computer may not be hooked up yet.

I love your projects. I enjoy doing projects sometimes that don't take a lot of time, just to get that sewing itch scratched. These are cute! I hope to make some fall coasters this weekend. They are easy and quick.

You also did good at the tag sale. Very pretty!

Nanci said...

The little girl that you babysit should love that beautiful teaset!!!!!

The little rice bags are cute. They would be wonderful to use as weights to which you could tie helium balloons and set on a table for party decorations.

Old habits die hard. I did a Sew Crafty Friday post, too. ; )

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

What a steal on that tea set, Clare. It's wonderful.

Brenda said...

The tea set is an adorable bargain & I love the Halloween bowl!

Blue Castle said...

Love the rice bags. My boys would sure get a kick out of them. Until they started throwing them at each other... :)