Monday, September 08, 2008

Thanks for the ideas!

Thanks for all the nice comments on the blouse and the ideas for buttons. I think I'll try my hand at covering buttons for it. Haven't done that in years! I hope to hit Joanne's this weekend, so I'll get the 'kit' while I'm there. I also have to buy lining fabric for the jacket I'm making. Both the blouse and the jacket are at a standstill until I get supplies. Meantime, I have a peasant blouse I can finish and a few projects I can start.

Like I need more projects on my WIP list! Hey, it keeps me off the streets and out of the nuthouse.

I'm feeling better by 95%. Still tired and congested, but well enough that I'm going to work tonight. I've got homemade bread baking in the oven (from "Tammy's Recipes"--it's the Amish White Bread). We're having chicken salad melts with a cucumber salad on the side. The melts are a Paula Deen recipe, so if I like the results I'll let you all know!

Katherine, alas, has my cold now. I wonder how long it will be before Nicky gets it. He tends to catch everything I get!


Erica M said...

Thanks for all the tips! I will have to see about writing for coupons!

Nice to make your acquaintance!! I'll be back for sure!

littledevil said...

This particular cold is the PITS! I've never felt so congested in my entire life! I feel like I have sloshy cotton in my head. Hot herbal tea with honey really worked well. I'm just hoping that Abi doesn't get it!
Feel better fast!

Mom2fur said...

Thanks, Erica and L/D! You know, L/D, it hits hard but the worst part seems to go away fast. It's just the 'tail end' that seems to drag on...and on...and on...

Katherine came home early from work today and is crashing in bed now. She's got the darned thing. I hope Abi doesn't get it, too!

BTW, last night's dinner was delicious. Basically, the sandwich was chicken salad on bread, with one slice spread with 1,000 Island dressing and the other side topped with swiss cheese. You put it together, butter it, and cook it like you would cook grilled cheese. I don't see any reason why you couldn't make it up with low fat mayo, etc. (BTW, there are some chopped nuts in the chicken salad, which gives it a nice flavor and crunch.)
My family says it's definitely one to make again!

Anonymous said...

I do love the blouse! Yes he is so sweet. I jut love kissing his little fat feet hehe.

Nicole said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know, I'm making the Amish Friendship bread on Sunday. Will let you know how it is since you inspired it :)