Friday, September 12, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday: Jacket

Here's the jacket I've been working on. Obviously, it needs pressed! The sleeves are actually supposed to have a ruffled lower half, but I feel the fabric is a little too stiff for that to work. So it will be like this. It's a working 'muslin' anyway. If it fits nicely, and I figure out the lining part of it (I've never done a lining before, as I have already mentioned) I plan to make it again in nicer fabric with long sleeves borrowed from another pattern.
I don't think you can tell by the photo, but this is a brown and black herringbone.
I hope to get to Joanne's tonight to buy various buttons, lining fabric and other things I need (including a new seam ripper!) to finish my ongoing fall wardrobe projects.
Yesterday, I pinned a pair of pants from the free Burda patterns site. Don't laugh at me--I used my picnic table! It's outside under one of those net gazebos. My husband uses the dining room table for his work. I usually wait until he's gone and then move things, but I never get to use the whole table because I can't move the computer. But the picnic table is exactly the right size to hold my cutting board! The weather was pleasant enough, but I wish I had thought of this months ago, LOL! I doubt I'll be out there cutting fabric in the winter.

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littledevil said...

Remind me the next time that you visit, and I'll show you the fast and easy way to line a jacket or whatever! I actually find it easier to line one than to do it with facings, etc.
The brown you are making is stunning, but I think I would rather long sleeves.
Abi still says your name and looks for you, btw!!!

Mom2fur said...

I would prefer long sleeves, too, but that's not how the jacket came. If the bodice fits, I'll do it again with long sleeves!
And I'll hold you to that sewing lesson, LOL!

Dianne said...

That looks like it will be a great jacket when you get it finished, Clare.

I have washed blinds on my picnic table, which is glass but never thought of cutting out material there. Good idea. I have a fold up table which we use to have when we owned our business for our employees to eat off of. It is metal with a woodgrain top. It works great for theat.

I came by today to tell you that I'm having a giveaway and to invite you stop on over and sign up.

I love the winter tweeds that are available for winter. I'm sure it will look great on you.