Thursday, July 19, 2007

Abbi-Rose in her bonnet!

Well, here's dollbaby in the bonnet I made for her. (Sorry about the red eyes--they must be reflecting all that pink.)

It was so nice to see her in person! She's a very sweet, docile baby. Her whole family is on cloud 9. I've never seen a mommy and daddy and two brothers so happy! Her daddy was so funny. He was dressing her, and she was fussing a little, and he says, "I've put up with torn jeans for 8 years (her youngest brother is 8), so you're gonna be in ruffles until you are at least 4!"
I didn't make the dress. It's a Polly Flinders...but doesn't it look like the bonnet and dress were made for each other?
And omg, you should see the nursery. I wish I'd taken a picture! They redecorated mommy's sewing room. The white crib sits catty-cornered. There is a white carousel horse behind it. They've had the horse for years, and mommy painted it white with pink accents. Daddy and the boys painted the top half of the walls in a pink-and-white sponge technique. The bottom is 1 inch wide pink and white stripes. Imagine painting all those stripes! Mommy even painted the ceiling fan pink and white! It is a dream nursery, and it didn't cost them all that much. Mommy and I met on a tightwads board about 9 years ago and really hit it off. This is a really frugal family--frugal, not cheap. They are beyond generous and just the nicest people you could meet. Abigail Rose is a blessing to them...but they are also a blessing to her!
I can't tell you the story of how they got her, because it is extremely private. I'll only say that she wouldn't be here without them...she would have been a statistic, if you know what I mean. I'll also tell you that they prayed 8 years for another child. They were supposed to go to Disney last year, but something made them decide to stay home. If they had gone, they would never have met the birth mother. I'm not a particularly religious person...but if this wasn't a miracle, I don't know the definition.

Anyway, so there she is! Miss Abigal Rose!


Natasha said...

Such a lovely bonnet and an ovious gift little Abigal is congrats to you and her mommy and daddy!!

Amy Wagner said...

She is a keeper!! So very sweet. Love the bonnet.
I grew up in Polly Flinders. The only girl ~~youngest of 4 kids.

My Anna's middle name is Rose.

The nursery sounds scrumptious! I love that kind of creative decorating. Paint and repurposing things you already have are a super way to get more decorating bang for your buck!!!!!!!

Felicia said...

What a cutie cakes!

Shereen said...

She really does look like a doll. How cute.

Mona said...

Aww! You did sucha lovelyjob with the bonnet!

Your friends are truly blessed that the Lord had them in the right spot at the right time!

Love all your sharing!


Carolyn said...

Oh, she looks so sweet! And the little bonnet is precious. I am always touched when I see or hear of a precious little child being transplanted into a family that really wants and loves them. Your description of the nursery and all sure shouts of beautifully creative anticipation on your friend's part. Great. Sounds like each day is a wonderful experience for all, especially Abigail and mom and dad.

Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the sunsets. Yep, they are the real deal! Have a great day. :-)

Susie Q said...

She is a true doll baby! A baby girl should be all dressed up in frills and lots of pink!

I love her name!