Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Drawing will be held...

...Friday morning, by eleven. I have to go in for a CT-scan (funny abdominal pain I'm having checked out) in the afternoon, so I won't be up to it later in the day.

Good luck to everyone!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Clare, I hope everything turns out ok. My prayers are with you. --Susan

Mom2fur said...

Thanks, Susan! The CT-scan wasn't so bad--I've done them before. But holy cow, that junk they make you drink tastes like someone took a banana from the old plastic fruit my mom used to have in the middle of our dining room table...and melted it. And then they hand me 2 cups of water to drink! Can you say I felt as if I was floating by the time it was done?

Of course, I hope they don't find anything. You know how it ignore a 'twinge' for a long time...until it happens enough that you figure you just need to check it out. I'm feeling fine, otherwise. Not sick at all.

When I find out anything, I'll post about it. Thanks for caring!

Susie Q said...

I will be thinking about you...oh that stuff is just awful. As is what you have to drink for a few other tests. You would think that, in 2007, they could improve the nasty tastes!