Monday, July 02, 2007

Milk ain't frugal no more

I just got back from the grocery, where I almost fell over to see the price of a gallon of milk:


Are they kidding? I heard that the corn that used to feed the cows is now being used to make fuel. So, what happens to the poor cows? Do they go hungry? Do they live on hay?

Dang, but nuclear power is looking better and better. (This is not a political blog, so I'm not looking to start anything. I don't know enough about cows, nuclear power or corn for fuel. I just want a gallon of milk to cost less than wine.)

Guess we won't be eating much cereal here from now on.

I do have to point out, though, that Target has been consistently cheaper than anyone else for milk, sometimes by nearly a dollar. I hope that is still true!

And I use a non-dairy creamer in my coffee, thank goodness!

But will the price go down so I can enjoy hot cocoa in the fall and winter???????


Felicia said...

I nearly fainted the other day when I saw the price of milk too. I've been mixing up powered milk and combining it with the regular milk. So far no one has noticed :)

Chelsea said...

I live near a Costco. I can't stand the idea of paying for a membership just for the privelege of shopping there, but milk is only $2.87 a gallon. I'm saving more than a dollar a gallon, so I'm paying for my membership in milk savings alone. (And eggs are significantly cheaper, too.)
Someone told me to make a batch of nonfat dry milk and then mix it with 2% or whole milk (50/50 ratio). I guess it's worth a taste test, but I'm doubtful.

Misti said...

If you buy two gallons it's usually a lot cheaper. I wonder why the price has gone up so much. It's crazy.