Friday, July 06, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday: Bonnet

Here is a bonnet I made for this baby: I finally get to meet her next Friday! The pattern is by Butterick.
After 2 boys and many years of trying and praying for another baby, my friends were very thrilled to adopt little Abigail Rose. So, when I asked mommy what color she preferred for any gifts, she said, "pink, pink, pink!" Naturally, I had to choose pink rose fabric for the bonnet! It is fully lined, and not as hard to make at it looks. Getting the gathers to be even is about the hardest thing. I think I got the fabric from a wonderful site called, but it might have also come from Joann's. I'm pretty sure it was shabbyfabrics, though. They have an absolutely delicious selection of what I would call 'cottage' type fabrics. Think pink, roses and anything romantic.
Okay, now you gotta link over to "Waiting for Him" (see the link list to the right) and view more creativity on this "Sew Craft Friday." Better yet, show off something of your own over there!


She'sSewPretty said...

Your bonnet is adorable. Thanks for the link to that fabric site. I love all that shabby chic fabric. Thanks also for the nice comments on my blog!

Chris said...

Cute bonnet. Little girls are so much fun to sew for.

BTW, the sifter at my blog is not purple-just the way the camera took the picture and I'm not smart enought to doctor it up!

Lisa said...

Your bonnet turned out so sweet. Little Abby Rose is precious. How great that they are getting a little girl and their sons are going to have a sister.

My parents had me a bit later in life after 4 boys. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the bonnet is wonderful!!! But I couldn't tkae my eyes of the very special plate Katherine made for you!! Oh my goodness! It just tugs at the heart strings!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Clare, I'm still having trouble posting so I forgot to add my name. :-)

Anonymous said...

And I have been wanting to say how cute John is!! What a doll!! Isn't he around Ada's age??

Paula said...

TOO TOO TOO CUTE! I have been told that making dolls clothes are very difficult (because everything is in miniature). I love the bonnet!

Shereen said...

Oh, it came out too cute. Now you have me thinking what little baby girls do I know to make one. lol Thanks for sharing and asking about my back. It was doing really good until yesterday. Elijah fell and bonked his nose on the concrete. We were in a public place, and for a quick minute I actually debated whether to pick him up. Bad I know. I picked him up, and now I am paying for it. lol By the time he finished crying, my tears started to come down from the pain. ;0) I am layed out now, which explains why I'm making my rounds for Sew Crafty Friday now. lol

Mrs. Staggs said...

You'll have fun having a little girl around so you can make fun things like these. Your bonnet turned out very nice!
Thank you for the great link.
I love little boys and sewed fun things for my son when he was small. He used to get a kick out of things like capes and racing flags and pillows out of fun fabrics.
I'm not a big fan of lots of commercials either. I tend to mostly watch sports with my guys and the worst commercials are on those channels. What bothers me most about commercials is when you try hard to choose an appropriate family show for children, but then the commercials are inappropriate! That's frustrating and probably a reason that so many people choose not to let their children watch any television at all.
I hope your week ahead is a good one. Take care.