Monday, July 09, 2007

Another annoying commercial, or two

I probably spend too much energy growling at the TV. But there are commercials that just get to me. Either they are immoral, stupid or have sounds that hurt your ears. One that comes to mind is the new Starbucks commercial...which is about them shooting a commercial! Have you seen it? The director keeps yelling 'cut,' while the actor glugs down the iced coffee. And I mean 'glugs.' Is there anything ickier than people who make noise when they swallow? But you know what's funny? The last few times I saw the commercial...there was no 'glug-glug' sound! I wonder if anyone complained? (I just growl at the TV. And I blog about it. I don't write letters, LOL!)

Here's the 'or two' from the title: have you seen the IKEA commercial? This woman looks at her bill and is so shocked by how much she saved that she thinks the teller made a mistake. So she runs like a crazy woman to her car, where her husband is waiting, shouting (screaming): "Start the car! Start the car!" And as they drive away she lets out this victory 'whoo-hoo!"

Okay, I hate this commercial on several levels:

1. Did she look at the prices before she put things in her cart? Didn't she know there was a sale? Or does she just blindly pick things up and hope for the best when it comes to prices?

2. If there was a mistake that was that big, then leaving without pointing out is immoral. And I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to be that happy about stealing.

3. That screaming! What is she, a freakin' banshee? Wow, do I feel sorry for her husband.

4. And finally...the background music is about as pleasant as fingernails on a blackboard.

The only redeeming thing about this commercial is that it relates to a maybe it won't run very long.

Okay, enough griping. Yes, I know they're only commercials. I still don't like them, LOL!

Next blog, I'll get back to pleasant things like cats and bonnets.


Susie Q said... post! How about the commercial where the boy comes in and sprays a liter at soda at his Mom? She then tales the sink sprayer and soaks him AND the kitchen! Whoever wrote this has NO kids that could emulate that's for sure! : )

There are so many ridiculous ones but some fun and sweet too. I adore the Petsmart ones...I always loved the doxie with his "Bobo" and now there is one with a bulldog that is so sweet!

Hope all is well!


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

I haven't seen the Starbucks commercial but I have to confess I love the Ikea one.. bad me! said...

I ahven't seen that commercial, but I hope the woman didn't have kids in the car that she was giving a bad example to!

Carolyn said...

LOL ~ right on! Couldn't agree with you more re both of these commericals ~ though I haven't seen either of them. The Starbuck's slurping thing reminded me of the Wendy's commercial with the guy eating a gigantoid burger, with chili dripping out on his jeans and he wipes his fries in it Like we need to see this ~ repeatedly! LOL

BUT, as others have said, there are some darlin' ones out there too. Have a great day! :-)

Mom2fur said...

I don't think there were kids in the car...but they'd be scared to death by her screaming voice.
The commercial with the mom and the soda is idiotic...and why is always the MOM cleaning up the mess the kid made?
I never saw that Wendy's commercial...and boy, am I glad!

Betty Jo said...

This was such a fun post. My favorites at the moment are the Baskin Robbins Surf's Up commercials. I laugh every time I see one of them. I agree with Susie about the commercial where Timmy comes in spraying that orange soda--makes me want to scream thinking of that sticky mess. I hate the way commercials make consumers look like total idiots! One reason I use commercial time to comment at blogs, rather than watching them. xoxo