Sunday, October 07, 2007


Mike and I like to take a ride out on the island to hit the farmstands at least once a year. But I have to tell you, it ain't what it used to be. There were a lot more farms when I was first married 27 years ago. They've been closed down one by one to make room for more strip malls or housing developments. Considering how ridiculous property tax is around here, half a wonder the old mom and pop farms have closed.

But there are still a few. The kind I like are the smaller, more family-operated ones. I'd rather buy my locally grown corn and tomatoes from a little guy just trying to make a few bucks than from the huge place across the street (complete with hay rides, a corn maze a pick-your-own pumpkins).

I used to have a farmstand within walking distance of my house, but they sold the property about a year ago. There are many scrapbook pages about pumpkin picking there each year! Places change, people and businesses come and go...but sometimes I wish they wouldn't.

Today I bought corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and the most delicious macoun favorite! I bought a little scarecrow and a net pumpkin on a stick. Both were very reasonably priced and now decorate my front yard. I passed on the candy apples. I love those, but you don't know when they were made. They could be smushy on the inside and sticky on the outside. I plan to make some soon, anyway. I'm still planning on caramel apples, but somehow I keep forgetting to buy the caramels, LOL!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, and enjoys the holiday tomorrow!


Debbie J. said...

Hi there, we live in a rural area and have some produce stands around here, too. My husband's job requires him to be around farmers alot and so he is going to get us a couple bushels of sweet potatoes this week for my pantry. My family loves sweet potato souffle. He traded something he was selling for the pumpkins he brought home last week. We agree with you that we like to help out the little mom and pop businesses.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I come from Connecticut originally...and I saw all the local farms being bought up when Foxwoods Casino was built many years ago..........its a shame.....I know what you mean. I have come to love my hokey little Mayberry town here in WA!!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about property and building. It is so sad that all our land is being built on. When we moved here ten years ago it was pretty country and now just like you little malls every where. So sad.

jude :-) said...

It is sad when things like that happen. We have had dairy farms that one by one just fold... sad thing.

I enjoy our farmer's market we have. Everyone gathers in a preselected parking area and you buy from the back of their pick up truck or table they had set up. We also are fortunate enough to have a couple super farm stands with whole foods etc. They are awesome! I think I will visit one this week on my shopping day. Would have been fun if you could have shared a picture or 2, Clare. :-)

Mom2fur said...

Debbie, I bet the sweet potatoes are delicious! I like mine savory...with salt and butter.
Punkin, it used to be somewhat Mayberryish here, but not quite. Still, there was a heckuva lot more room to play and much less in the way of traffic even 20 years ago!
Brenda, it seems that those little malls are popping up everywhere. And what about all these McMansions? Who on earth is buying these homes????? Glad they have money, 'cause I sure don't.

Susie Q said...

It makes me so sad to see, what were family farms, being developed into more mcmansions. Seas of the looks of the foreclosure rates here, a lot of their owners CAN'T afford them!

I still love what is left of our surrounding countryside and the few farms that still sell home grown items. But you are is dwindling and that is such a shame.


carrie said...

Sounds like you found some fun treats!

Our local farmer's market closed at the end of Sept. My husband rescued a few more peppers and tomatoes before our first freeze.

I recently found a recipe on a blog for crockpot caramel apples and hope to try them soon!