Saturday, October 27, 2007

Please scroll down!

I wrote a post the other day to publish today, Saturday. But Blogger put it under my friday post. Please scroll down to read about how I do coupons!

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Elizabeth said...

Mom2fur -- I've had this happen -- you publish a post and it doesn't end up where you expected it to show. You probably started that post but didn't finish it right away. Then you made another post in the meantime, right?

Here's how to fix that -- click to edit the post, then down at the bottom of the screen you'll see a little arrow and a link that says "Post Options". Click on that link and a little box appears. On the right are two text boxes with the time and date of the post.

The time and date shown will be the time and date you started the post, not when you finally published it. You can manually change those to reflect your publish date instead.

Then, voila, your posts will appear in the order in which you intended them to appear and not in the order in which you started them.