Thursday, October 18, 2007

On a soapbox today

Once again, I am reminded of why I am soooooo glad my youngest will be out of the public school system in less than 2 years. I feel sorry for today's parents and the crap they have to put up with.

First, schools take away the pleasure of a child bringing in cupcakes on his/her birthday.

Now we have a school up in Maine (and I'm sure that's not the only place) that has voted to allow the distribution of condoms to middle school kids.

So, let's can't have a cupcake, but you can have a condom? In the immortal words of the Geico caveman: Uhhhh....what?

No wonder so many people choose to homeschool.

Some questions I have:

1. Why on earth would a 13-year-old need one? (And I ain't talking cupcakes.) And never mind some of these kids are only 11!!!! Yeah, yeah, I know...there's this whole health thing and all that. And I, for one, don't think simply offering birth control encourages promiscuity (sp?). But we're talking an 11-year-old kid, not a 19-year-old college student!!!

Some would argue, 'well, if they're going to do it anyway, I'd rather they were protected.'

It's like the parents who let kids drink in their homes because, 'they're going to do it anyway, at least I can keep an eye on them.' (And then one sneaks out, goes driving, and kills himself in an accident.)

But why is a pre-teen child doing it anyway? I don't live in a rose-colored cottage and I am a child of the 60s and 70s. I'm pretty open-minded about 'adult' things. Frankly, what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their home is their business. I know reality. But my reality has no room for 11 to 13-year-olds doing 'it.' These kids are supposed to be going to the movies, and playing video games, and eating junk food and generally enjoying the last years of childhood. Today's kids probably face 80+ years of adulthood. With only 10%-ish allowed for childhood, why are we robbing kids of something so rare and precious? question:

2. Where did the kid get the idea in the first place? Let's assume most kids won't be even remotely interested at 11-13. I said 'interested,' not 'curious.'
And let's say you are a guidance counselor and a little 12-year-old boy comes to you for a condom. The school says you have to give it to him. But if you are astute, you will wonder about this request. Because, 12-year-olds don't 'do it.' So...why? Where did this come from?

What in the name of heaven kind of life has this kid had that he's messing around at twelve?????? It can't just be that dad left a few copies of a certain magazine laying around. Could it be there is something more happening in that house? Something to think about!

OMG, this is going on far too long. I have so many thoughts, and I do haved some trouble organizing them. My heart truly goes out to you young parents of today. The only thing I can hope is that your values are so strong and so well ingrained in your kids that they won't be steered by society--not even by the schools where they are supposed to be safe from the outside world.

I said it before and I'll say it again:

Being a child is a right.
Being an adult is a privelege.

And shame on anyone who takes away any child's right to not even begin thinking of adult things!

I would love to hear what others have to say on this topic.


Dimple Queen said...

I TOTALLY agree with you and I would personally NEVER hand out a condom at the school I teach at. However, I must tell you that 2 of our 8th grade students were caught in the act just two days ago behind our building! It happens at the schools. Even with all the cameras we have on our campus now. They find places...bathrooms, empty classrooms...there was one "couple" (term used very loosly) found performing oral sex in a closet in the teacher's lounge at another school nearby. Kids these days are not just curious anymore...My husband is a minister and we hear all kinds of stuff. Our students will come tell us all kinds of things they hear about or see. Many kids these days really are disgusted by it all, but A LOT of them think its funny, or cool to "do it" and get caught!

It's sad for sure!

Milehimama said...

I think it is appalling!
Leaving all moral questions aside, do we really want our schools to start providing health care services? BTW,they aren't talking about condoms, they are allowing the school to give out prescription birth control pills! We don't even know how safe they are for 11 yo girls, how they affect long term fertility, and hormonal/cancer issues later in life. And from what I understand, the parents aren't necessarily even going to know. It's all or nothing - the parents sign that the kid can see the nurse, or not see the nurse; then the parent will never know what the nurse gives their kids. Apparently they are going to be giving pelvic exams to 11 year olds without their parents AT SCHOOL then giving them prescription medication.

Marie said...

Yep, I'm homeschooling. When my husband proposed, that was one of my "stipulations."

Maggie said...

If a kid isnt man enough ( or woman enough) to figure out how to get it on his own, he isnt man enough to be having sex.

Its so stupid. I have 2 in school and one that is homeschooled. Our district is VERY conservative. We moved here for that reason. I have no problem pulling my 2 oldest out if anything close to this was even proposed.

Mom2fur said...

Thanks for the info, milehimama. I heard 'birth control' and thought they meant condoms. Pills are worse! You are right...what are the long term effects?

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Yeah, it's birth control pills. It's my understanding that they aren't allowed to give a kid an aspirin when he has a headache...but now they can give out contraceptive drugs????? What's wrong with that picture. And while I'd rather my kid have condoms and even birth control pills than get pregnant or get somebody pregnant at 11 or 12 or even 17 or 18, I just sort of thing parents still have the right to know what medications their kids are taking. God help us all--and our young'ns.

Brenda said...

First of all God is not in our schools! School isn't a place to go and come home and have a great evening with your family. We love to think we live in a free nation. Nope we live by stupid rules such as these and as long as christians sit and talk about it that is the way it will stay.Not meaning you dear. Im just saying that other groups meet and march and protest and we sit on our soft pews and chat. Jesus did pray,but he put action to it!

Susie Q said...

I just fear for my Grace all too often anymore. What happened to having a childhood? I have been so appalled by the number of kids in her grade that are being encouraged to have boy/girlfriends, have boy/girl parties and the like. Yes, Grace has some boys that are her friends but, for the most part, she still thinks they are yucky! Isn't that the way it is supposed to be at this age??
I must say that I blame many of the parents who think such things are "sooo cute". or tell the kids that they need to have boys/girls like them so they can be popular.
The media does not help either of course...I am so glad that Gracie would rather watch a few Disney Channel shows, thinks boys are gross *smile* and play with her dolls. She is a child and that childhood is sacred. I am sad for all those kids who are being thrown into adult situations all too soon.

I know I am rambling here but it just saddens me so....


Mandi said...

I have a book I highly recommend that I read a few years back - but warning - once you start you will have a tough time putting it down except when you get so disgusted that you can't read anymore of it! It's called 'None Dare Call it Education' by John Stormer and I even have a few spare copies and would be glad to send you one if you want to email me with your address.

Here's another disgusting thing happening in California if you had not already heard:

Our country really is in a sad state.