Friday, January 11, 2008

Being sick s*c*s

Am I allowed to put that in a title--even with the asterisks?

Thanks for all the input on airborne. I might just give it a shot if I can find it on sale someplace. I think I might even have a coupon. You're probably right that it's a supervitamin, but these days I can use all the vitamins I can get.

I went to the doctor the other day and had some blood work done. Haven't heard back on that yet. I also had an EKG (she does them every time I go there, for some reason), which came up with "non-specific changes," since the last one. No big deal, but she did send me to the cardiologist. He said that these days they are just extra careful with women. For years, no one realized how much heart disease affects women. Unfortunately, a lot of women died because of that attitude. Thank goodness, medicine in general has changed. Did you know that woman often have atypical symptoms of heart disease, including stomach problems? The fact I have an ulcer might be why my doctor monitors my heart, too. I'm not really worried. Heart disease does not run in my family. My blood pressure and cholesterol are great. Still, just to be sure, I'm having an echo cardiogram next week and I'll be doing a stress test the week after that. (She tried to schedule me on January 25th. No thanks, I'm not doing a stress test on my birthday, LOL!)

Well, every time I think I'm better...I'm not. My stomach started hurting again, and yesterday I was having dizzy spells. I mean...I was just laying on the bed playing with the dog, and I turned a little and the room started to spin. I bet my electrolytes are wacked out. Okay, so anyway, I think I did make some mistakes this week. Mostly, when I thought I was better I started eating more. I was hungry enough for half a turkey sandwich the other night, and for English muffins and a few sips of coffee yesterday morning. Probably shouldn't have had the coffee. In fact, I probably shouldn't have eaten much of anything. But damn, everyone else was better after 2 or 3 days, and it had been 5 days yesterday.

Dr. A, whom I work for, says to stay away from all dairy and fruit. She recommends yogurt, rice (how can you eat rice with nothing on it?), broth and tea and crackers. I had my daughter buy me some ginger tea. I also bought myself some crackers and broth this morning. I just had to get out of the house, and the grocery is barely a mile away. Now I'm staying in and vegging out. Good excuse to play on the computer, LOL!

My advice for all my friends who gave me their advice...if, heaven forbid, you get this virus, DO NOT EAT too much even if you think you are better. Give yourself an extra day. Remember: ginger tea or ginger ale (tea is better, it really has ginger in it. Ginger naturally helps the stomach.), crackers, yogurt, broth and rice. (Hey, I could put rice in my broth!) And stay away from dairy and fruit.


psalm127 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am sorry to hear you are sick. Yes the best thing when you are sick is to stay away from all dairy. I been learning that this past year. Water is boring but the best. I like rice with a little dill weed on it, it gives it some flavor.

Anonymous said...

Clare, did you know the NUMBER 1 KILLER OF WOMEN, is heart dease?? Not that breast cancer isn't important~~ Of course!! But it gets so much more press. That's why I support the "go red for women" website and wear the red dress pin. I just wish more people (women) would take better care of themselves.

I do hope you feel better soon!!!! Often people get very sick when they first work with kids... thought you would be beyond that stage by now.
Hang in there! Keeping drinking you tea...

Linda said...

Thanks so much for your comments. I am really going to try the musicals which I love too.
Hope you feel better real soon!!!!