Friday, January 18, 2008

Frugal Friday: Vegetables for One

Biblical Womanhood hosts a wonderful carnival on fridays that is all about frugality. I enjoy reading the many tips offered by fellow bloggers. High time I offered one of my own!

I love those little individual servings of frozen vegetables. What I don't love is how expensive they are. They rarely go on sale, and I rarely find coupons.

So one day, I took a look at the little container of corn I had and realized it was just...a little container of corn. Nothing fancy! So I've been experimenting. I bought some 1/2-cup size plastic containers. I filled them with different vegetables I like. For example, I have a bag of store-brand cauliflower. I picked out some of the smaller pieces (so they fit, LOL!) and filled the container. Then I added just a drop or so of water. You might not even need to do that, since vegetables naturally have their own water. I put the container in the microwave and sat the lid on top--don't screw it down, obviously, you want to vent for the steam.

For my little microwave, it takes 2 minutes to cook cauliflower. You could even add a dollop of butter to the top for the last 30 seconds.

The result is steamed vegetables for one that cost a lot less than the already packaged kind!


Jasmine's Journey said...

Yeah the price they try charging for single serving and convenience items is amazing. Good job.

Kim said...

One word of caution - you can store the frozen veggies in plastic - but you really shouldn't microwave in them - dump them into a glass dish then microwave - the plastic leaches a chemical when microwaved - not good for you.