Thursday, January 17, 2008

Found Money Shopping

Yesterday I decided to cash in some 'found money' for my grocery shopping. So I brought some coins ($45 worth!), some lottery tickets ($11) and some bottles and cans (for which I got a whopping $1.95). Of course, I was armed with a few coupons and a list of what was on sale, too!

All this 'found money' meant I was able to pay cash for my groceries yesterday. I got *$105.54 worth of groceries for...drumroll, please...$51.67!!!!

That's a savings of better than 50%.

So, start thinking about cashing in those bottles and cans, dumping out those coin jars and redeeming lottery tickets. You might just end up with 'found money savings' like I did!

*for the record, that includes two double-packs of Top Round London Broil on sale for $1.69/lb.--cheapest I've seen it in ages. I cut up some today and browned it to freeze for stew. Tomorrow, I'll decide what to do with the rest of it.


Jasmine's Journey said...

That is great. We cash in cans when they pile up enough. Which isn't often cause we don't drink alot of cans.

Kyle said...

Well done. Wow, 50% off your bill is hard to beat. Good tips on how to do it!

Debbie J. said...

Don't forget to look in the couch cushions!!!! and the laundry room where pockets are emptied out!! We pick up pennies because you never know when you'll need one. Good job on your shopping with found money.

sassy2 said...

It is always awesome when you "find" money. I like to use it for extra "treats" like pizza out. Also, thanks for stopping by. It was so gracious of you to visit.

~Cindy~ said...

wowsers that is a great bargain shopping..