Saturday, February 02, 2008

Organizing Tip I'm Trying to Keep in Mind

FIFO...sounds like something a giant would say.

It means: Full In, Full Out. I don't remember where I read this one, but I've been trying to keep it in mind. It means, never leave or enter a room without having your hands full! I'm especially trying to do this regarding laundry. I can't lift a big, heavy basket. But I can carry a handful of clothes. I try to categorize them (like bringing up all my aprons), which makes them easy to put away.
I also try to remember to carry dishes out of a room. We tend to have dishes all over the house, and I'm just as guilty as anyone.

What I like about this acronym (I think that's what it is) is that you can get a lot accomplished in a day with minimal effort. Like the pennies you throw in a jar, little things add up!

Here are some other organizing acronyms I like:

OHIO--Only Handle It Once
AFT (or FAT): Act, File , Toss--the only three things you ever need to do with paperwork!

What organizing acronyms* do you like?

*that better by the right word, since I've used it several times here.


Amy said...

Good post! I like PROCESS by Organizing Junkie:
Plan of Attack
Remove Items
Organize into piles
Evaluate Plan
Smile, relax and enjoy your work.

Laura said...

Hi Mom2fur, it's just Laura from Life's Sweetest Blessings here to tell you that you are my WINNER!! Yay for you!! Congratulations. If you could send me your addy via email I'll get your print off to you asap. My addy is lauraperic (at)gmail(dot) com.

Karen said...

I am always looking around for things to pick up on my way to and from each room. Another good thing to do is to put things in a basket on the stairs. Each time you go up and down the stairs you take something to put away.