Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

It's time for Works for Me Wednesday at Shannon's blog:

There are a lot of great tips! I have one today, too!

I like those face-washing cloths that don't require rinsing. I usually get the CVS brand, which is pretty cheap--and I often cut them in half. But lately, I've been kinda broke so I'm looking for any little ways to save money.

I have made some items with flannel lately, and made some washcloths with the leftover pieces. Well, what I do is to take the washcloth (you can use a regular terry one, of course) and wet it with warm water. I take one corner and dab it on a bar of moisturizing soap. Then I use that corner to wash my face. I use the rest of the washcloth to wipe away the soap.

Why don't I just rinse my face from the sink? Well, I have long hair and I hate getting the front of it wet if I'm not actually shampooing it. With my corner of the washcloth trick, I get convenience and I save money. This 'works for me' just fine!


Anonymous said...

Neat tip!

Thanks for stopping by mine!

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting tip! I HATE getting my hair wet when I wash my face too b/c then I hav eto straighten it again.

Cayce's crazy life said...

First off, thank you so much for your helpfulnessness (I could just say help, but I am extremely thankful) with your step by step directions to help me link my menu planner. Oh - this is Cayce, Bo's mom. I'll try the link this coming Saturday.
Also, I also hate getting my hair wet when I remove make-up and wash my face. Great tip!