Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thriftiness

What is it with blogs and alliteration? I swear I'm going to start a trend called "Absolutely Anything Afternoon"!

Here's my thriftiness today:

I love flannel pajamas. Much as I hate winter, the one sad thing about the end of it is having to put the comfy flannel PJs up in the attic--unless we keep the a/c in our bedroom on full blast, and I'm paying LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) enough as it is.

One of my older pairs has really seen its day. Bleach stains, saggy, faded. I have enough nicer pairs that I can give this one up. But not totally! I have deconstructed it:

First, I removed the buttons. They're a really pretty blue-green.

Second, I carefully cut the pieces apart--a sleeve, one front and half of the back. I'm going to retrace these as pattern pieces for a new pair of PJs for the warmer months.

Third, I cut larger squares from the remaining flannel that I will hem and use as napkins or cleaning rags. Don't worry--the napkins are only for me. They aren't going to end up on the dining room table. I'm not THAT frugal, LOL!

Fourth, I cut off the pocket. It's a nice pocket with piping around the edge. I have no idea what I'll do with it. I just like it.

And Fifth, I kept the side seam of one sleeve intact. I'm going to sew up the top, pour rice inside, sew the bottom and make a nice heatpad--probably for my dog, who loves heat pads!

So, you see that...buttons, napkins, a sewing pattern, a who-knows-what-for pocket and a lovie for my dog--all for free!

Tell me, what have you in your drawer that you never wear and can cut apart for many new uses?


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I agree about the flannel pjs. I'm going to miss them when the weather turns warm. Some days I stay in them all day long.

Becky said...

Way to recycle there!

And yes, I did see PR last night... just too tired to blog about it afterwards. I'm not really surprised either, though I thought both of them had good (and bad) points in their collections. I think my favorite so far is Jillian's though-- it just looks so wearable, and the detailing on that one jacket that Tim pointed out is exquisite.

Debbie J. said...

I know what you mean about the alliteration. I did one today called Monday Minute. LOL!