Friday, February 01, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday

Don't you just love it when thread runs out 3 inches before the end of a seam? That's what happened here, so it's a good thing I hope to hit Joanne's tonight (armed with a birthday gift card!).

Anyway, this is Simplicity Pattern 9784. This version will have a pair of matching pantaloons. It will fit a child of about 2 years of age. Which child...I don't know yet.

The buttons are daisies. I chose them because yellow is a complimentary color to purple.

Seems every week that I do Sew Crafty Friday (And you want to visit "Waiting for Him"--over there on my links list--to see more Crafty Deliciousness), I rarely have a finished project to show. My big one now is the dress I'm designing for myself. (Scroll down for previous posts on that.) I ordered some fabric on line which has a white background and clusters of pink roses all over it. Then I decided it isn't what I really want for a dress for that fabric will probably be a girl's dress. I hope to find what I'm looking for at Joanne's tonight. I also hope to get the fabric, binding and anything else I need to finish a few projects.

Hmmm...maybe I better make a list, LOL!


Terri said...

That is going to be beautiful when it's finished. Love the buttons!

Mrs.T said...

Very pretty! Love those daisy buttons!

~yolanda said...


Mom2fur said...

Thanks, everyone!

Ginny said...

Such a sweet dress. I love use novelty buttons on projects. They add a touch af character. I hope you were able to find what you needed to finish your other projects.

Gina said...

What a sweet dress. Very cute.