Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Endiscopy today

I'm going in for my endiscopy in about an hour. I hope they find something...at least, something that's fixable. Nobody wants to hear bad news. But I especially don't want to hear, "we can't see anything. Now you have to do this..."

I hate these damned tests. The worst part to me is fasting. I'm one of those types who has to eat every few hours.

I would have been allowed clear liquids up to 4 hours before the procedure, but I scheduled it for the morning so that would have meant having soup or Italian ice prior to 6:30 a.m., LOL! I stayed up late last night so I could eat something just before midnight, so I didn't wake up until about 9 a.m. Frankly, if my back wasn't killing me I wouldn't be doing too bad. I'm starting to feel a little hungry, but I can deal with it at this point.

In case you don't know, an endiscopy is when they stick a tube down your throat with a camera at the end and look inside your stomach. You have to be asleep for it, which is why I'm fasting. My husband will be driving me.

I will post later on about what the doctor found. For the record, he's the one who found tears in my stomach that were making me deathly ill about 3 years ago...when 2 other doctors and the hospital found nothing. So I really trust him to get to the bottom of this.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I'm praying that everything goes well for you and the test finds a fixable problem. God bless.

Bren said...

I hope they find something fixable and you start feeling better real soon. Thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog. Come back and visit soon as your feeling better!
:) Bren

She'sSewPretty said...

Good luck at the doctor today! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you.