Monday, September 03, 2007

Q for Quiet

Here's a picture I took of Sunken Meadow Beach at sunset last night. It's on the North Shore of Long Island. That's the Long Island Sound there...and Connecticut about 14 miles across the water. It sure doesn't look like 14 miles, but the curvature of the Earth fools your eyes.

Despite living on LI all my life, I don't like beaches. At least, not in the daytime. Maybe it is because I'm not a sun worshipper, and I detest crowds. But the beach at night...that's another story. Mike and I took a walk along the boardwalk. Most of the people who'd come to enjoy the holiday were gone by then, and it was so peaceful and quiet.
Looking out at the water, whether it's the Atlantic with its waves or the Sound that barely ripples, I get a sort of weird feeling. I think about how much life is teeming under that water, life you can't even see. Imagine if the waters were as clear as an aquarium! What a cool sight that would be from an airplane, huh?
Maybe the reason I don't like crowds is because I don't like noise. At least, not too much. I have to have a fan or heater or a/c humming in order to fall asleep. But one of my most favorite times of day is the very early morning, before anyone else is up. Even when my kids were little, they knew to give me that bit of quiet time. Weekdays, my husband is up before me, so my quiet time is to sit in bed and read while he's doing his work (his home office is our dining room).

There's enough noise out there for all of us, most of the day. But around 6:30 a.m.--that's quiet time for me.
Unless I'm lucky enough for my husband to ask, like he did last night, 'want to go to the beach?'


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I don't like noise and crowds either. But I love the beach--especially in the mornings and late afternoon when everyone is inside.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo!

She'sSewPretty said...

Beautiful picture! I love the beach but don't get to see enough of it. Noise, also, doesn't bother me. I grew up with four brothers!

Breanna said...

That's so pretty! I am a big fan of silence, we don't get much of that around here. I am enjoying my 6:30 am quiet time right now though. :)


I really like your blog. I don't know how you found me but I am glad you did. I sure enjoyed my visit with you. Come see me again sometime. I will be back soon. connie from Texas

Susie Q said...

I am so of a like not like the crowds and hot sun...I love a walk on a quiet beach as the sun is going down. Your photo is so lovely!


Jude said...

I need to check the tide times for today...
I think I will find my "quiet" time for the beach today, tho' I don't mind small groups of people, watching the toddlers dig in the wet sand adds to the whole scene in a nice way. The beach I'm thinking of can be empty at certain times of day.

Your photo is so relaxing!