Saturday, September 15, 2007

Z is for Zealous

As in, too zealous. Did I really need to start yet another project with so many others in the works? But I was up in the attic today, getting out some fall things, and found this Vermont Teddy Bear up there. And I just got the idea in my head that she needed some clothes. I think a lot of us creative people might be zealous like this...forty WIPs and we get a new idea we just 'have to' start!

So here's the start of her outfit. It's going to have a full skirt and a petticoat...and maybe bloomers if I can figure them out.

To make the pattern, I used exam-table paper left over from the doctor's office where I work. Don't worry, nobody with the flu sat on's the tail end of the roll that isn't long enough to use. I collect these for my pattern altering, tracing and creating. I fitted a piece over Teddy's front and then another over her back. It took some fudging, but I got it right. Actually, the front was too wide for some reason. So I put a pleat there and will sew some little buttons down the front. (She isn't going to be meant for a young child.)

I keep calling her 'she,' but she was wearing a toolbelt so I think it was a boy at first. Then again, she could have been a tool belt diva! Now she wants to retire to a quiet life of lovely clothes and tea with friends.

Oh, and the frugal aspect of this post, since I sometimes remember the blog is called "Sorta Frugal": I paid $3 for her! Can you believe that, for a Vermont Teddy Bear?????? And her outfit will be made with fabric on hand!


Jude :-) said...

I am impressed with the price you paid for the teddy and how clean and soft she looks! Like brand new! I can't wait to see her dressed in new clothes!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Love the teddy! Z was for zealous for me too...I planned on setting up our Halloween town today...but after shopping most of the afternoon Z means something else. ME and the COUCH = zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! LOL

Debbie J. said...

Yes, you are definitely a crafty person!!! Coming up with new ideas is half the fun. For me, actually finishing something is priceless!!! Yesterday I made a Winnie the Pooh cloth baby book from the fabric you can buy with the pages and instructions printed on it. It was marked down to $1.00 at Walmart and I bought 2. Now I'm all excited about making these from my own fabric stash!!! All you need are rectangular pieces of fabric and left over quilt batting! I can see matching baby quilts and books now! I have frog, butterfly, flowers, you name it, children's fabric on hand!!! Sorry, I am rambling.... I must be zealous too!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love teddies. That one's a cutie.

Jerri said...

You are so lucky to have a Vermont Teddy Bear. Please post a picture when you have her all dolled up.

Anonymous said...