Saturday, September 08, 2007

T is for...

My Third Son. I had to figure out where to put him in here, LOL! James will be 21 on November 1st. That will make him my 3rd adult child. He's in his junior year at college and is studying automotive engineering. I hope that it will give him opportunity to create things with his hands, because he's really good at that.

When Jamie (as we call him) was 7 1/2, he was riding his bike one day and got hit by a car. The bike went one way and landed on the soft grass. My son went the other way and landed on the street. What followed were some of the worst times of our lives. He had a skull fracture, dislocated elbow, dislocated shoulder and broken femur bone. He was in a coma for a few days. We knew from the emergency room he would live, but the femur bone had him in traction for the next six weeks. In the beginning, the damage to his brain (a very bad contusion) kept him in la-la land for a long time. There was talk of possible seizure disorder and personality problems. One doctor said I might have to take him to Delaware for, with a 3 year old, a 9 year old and an 11 year old!

But little by little he got better. I kept a journal about his hospital stay. People were so generous, sending him gifts and food. He was the star patient in pediatrics and got special attention...especially when it came to using their Nintendo. By the time he left the a body cast, btw...he was completely normal mentally. The kid even learned to walk up and down stairs in his cast!

Once that came off, two months later, he went to physical therapy. The therapist was amazed at his fast progress. My incentive to him was that he could go trick-or-treating if he could make himself strong enough to walk. And he did!

I think sometimes James has doubts about where he's going with his life. But after what he went through, I know he can do anything!

Oh, and btw...there was a lawsuit that's now paying for my son's education at a university!


TinkerBlue said...

Wow. With that recovery accomplished at 7 1/2, you're very right. He can achieve pretty much anything he puts his mind to.

Jude said...

God is so good! :-) And isn't it wonderful to see where he's at today... you just never know what things God has in store for us. You must feel every birthday is special!