Thursday, April 10, 2008

Future Frugalista...maybe

Yesterday, the little girl I babysit came over. She'd actually gotten out of school early because of teachers' conferences, but I was at work so she spent an hour with a neighbor. She came down with a few friends (they weren't going to stay--I'm not a nursery school, I just help out my daughter's friend and make a little money doing it). I gave her the option of staying with my daughter for about an hour, or coming to the grocery with me.
The little boy she was with said the ice cream man was coming soon. Didn't she want to wait? I told her she could--Katherine would watch her for a bit. But then I said, 'on the other hand, you could get ice cream at the grocery.' She thought about this (she's 8, and thinking about spending $3 on ice cream is profound) and finally decided to go with me.
Well, wasn't she surprised that a whole gallon of chocolate chip mint ice cream cost just a little more than she would have spent on one ice cream pop from a truck! She was pretty proud of herself.
She tried to give me her $3, which was mostly dimes. I told her to keep it and paid for the ice cream myself. It was more important for her to see a better way to spend her money.

I'm not telling you I never chase down the ice cream man. But only Mr. Softee--it's the only truck that has soft-serve cones and butterscotch sundaes. I save up for those, LOL!


Terri & Crew said...

Awwww, that's so sweet. You taught her a great lesson! If you're really cute and you pay in dimes, you may get it for free. LOL!!

Seriously, you did a great job :-).


Ellen said...

What a great lesson that you taught her. I didn't realize that 8-year-olds bought $3 ice cream treats. I am so frugal. Our big splurge is going to the grocery store and buying a box of ice cream bars and eating them in the van. The kids would rather do this than have nothing at all. We also like to make ice cream sundaes at home instead of going out for ice cream.

Maggie said...

These lessons make such a impact. You've planted good seeds :)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

There's something about a treat from the Popsicle Man (what we call him here) that you just can't get from grocery store ice cream.

Anonymous said... have to be taught. Great lesson.

BessieJoy said...

Great lesson! She'll likely not forget this ice cream!