Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday Sewing Tip

Today's tip is: use your machine.

Yeah, sounds like a no-brainer, doesn't it? But what I mean is, use it to its fullest capacity. Think beyond straight and zig-zag stitches!

I would love to get a serger. I know I'd make good use of it. But at this point in my financial life, there's just no way I can swing one. Enter the overcast stitches offered on my humble little Kenmore machine. I played a bit and found one that works perfectly for me. I just trim away half of a seam allowance and overcast away. It may not look as polished as a serger finish, but it looks good!

Another stitch you probably have is one that sews a straight stitch 3 times before moving to the next stitch. I'm pretty sure that's a 'saddle' stitch. This is the perfect stitch to use to reinforce areas of clothes that are likely to be stressed, such as the crotch (I hate that word) of a pair of pants. I simply sew a straight stitch, then about halfway down the seam I switch to the triple stitch. On my machine, all I have to do is move the 'stitch length' bar over to 'stretch stitch.' Much easier to do it this way than to do it all with a single stitch and then sew over it again!

I hope you enjoy my tip today!


Miranda said...

Okay, okay, I wasn't out enjoying the day, but I was cutting out multiple patterns! Didn't you have a tip about that previously... cutting several of one pattern at once? So you see, I missed yesterday's tip because I was taking advantage of another! BTW, I copy each tip to a file on my desktop. Then I can refer back quickly without waiting for my dumb internet to dial up! LOL!

Camille said...

I got my first sewing machine for Christmas and I have yet to break it out. I haven't sewed since 4th grad 4-H, but I'd really love to get back in to it again! I'll have to come back and check your tips out! I really want to make my daughters matching nightgowns by Christmas!

Debbie J. said...

Good tip! Sadly, my machine only has straight stitch and zig zag stitches!!! Could be worse, could be just a straight stitch! LOL