Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Sewing Tip

Today's tip isn't exactly a tip, but a great website. Did you know that Burda offers free patterns to download? Here is the link:

I copied the pattern called "Lydia" (Burda 3197). It's a basic long-sleeved pullover top with a scoop neck. I made up a 'wearable muslin' out of a rib knit I bought for only $1.95 a yard. I'm pleased to say that it actually fits. I do have trouble with sizes because by the time it's big enough to fit across my chest, it's hanging off everywhere else. The only place I have to alter this pattern is the length of the sleeves. Why do 'they' assume that if you have womanly curves, your arms are down to your knees?

The pattern is so simple that I have already re-traced it and altered it to make variations, including short-sleeved tops for the summer. Out of this one pattern, which only cost me a little printer ink and about 22 sheets of paper (scrap, anyway), I can get at least 5 different tops.

It's free to join the site. There are many patterns to choose from, including not only women's wear but accessories and a few children's items, too.

Once you download a pattern, you print it out on regular paper. There are clear marks to help you tape it all together. I retraced that onto some exam-table paper I brought home from work, but you could just keep it the way it is.

I hope you enjoyed today's 'tip/link'!


KayleighJeanne said...

Oh, now you've done it! I'm going to spend hours there today deciding what to make next. I already have four different projects cut out, fabric and all, that I should be working on!

Miranda said...

You know how I love free patterns!!! I'm headed there now. Thanks!!!!!!

Becky said...

Haha, you probably already know how addicted to BurdaStyle I am. ;) I do have to say I'm a fan of the longer sleeves, though--I do have long arms, and so generally have to add length to all long sleeves so that it'll actually cover my wrists! (One of the main incentives for making my winter coat for this year--I just can't find well-fitting coats that cover my arms enough, and then there's a gap between my sleeves and my gloves and my wrists get cold.)

Anonymous said...

Great link! Thanks!

Dianne said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out. I bought a dress pattern once when I was younger and it had a curved neckline and a high bodace (sp) with long sleeves with elastic at the wrists and a A-line skirt. Real cute and it looked so good on me that I made about 4-5 different dresses with it for work changing of on different patterns in the material. (using solids with prints, etc.) I wore them to work and I used what was then in style for material which was knits. I loved those dresses!!

Dianne said...


I know what you mean about the arm lengths. Everything I buy I have to turn up at the wrists because they are too long for me.