Sunday, April 06, 2008


I might end up moving my sewing tips to another day in the week. It's below this post if ya wanna check it out. Boohoo, no visitors yesterday. I guess you were all out enjoying the beautiful spring weather!

Yesterday, my husband gave me a rare compliment on my housework. It's not that we don't compliment each other on chores, it's just that we sort of take it for granted. But I had the house (esp. the living room) particularly clean. I figured out the difference. Instead of taking one task such as "pick up trash" and moving all around the house doing it, I concentrated on one area at a time. I have a little tray table next to my chair and it was full of papers, trash, etc. I stuck with it, right down to wiping it clean, until I was done. Same with the coffee table and a few other places. Instead of work spread out that is hardly noticeable, each area really stood out!

So I'm redoing my ta-da lists. If you're one of my rare frequent flyers, you know I love that site. "My Ta-Da Lists" lets you make up your own lists, any length, any kind, for free. I have lists for most of my rooms, broken up into many little jobs. Now I'm changing over so that the lists direct me to work on one area at a time until finished.

It's a trick of the eye. You know how much cleaner your bedroom looks even if all you do is make the bed--a large, clean surface attracts you more than little bits of cleaning here and there.

Much as I believe down time can be found time, and in multi-tasking, I am also coming to realize that when you concentrate on one job, you do it better.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday! I've got yellow daffodils, purple crocuses and these cute little purple flowers called "Glory of the Snow" coloring my yard!


Maggie said...

I think I visit everyday but I usually don't comment on the sewing and crafts because I am so sewing challenged :)

I love your new blog header!

Chief Family Officer said...

I think this is a great tip! I'm going to try this one since I can sometimes clean one room while the kids are playing in it.

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

I read you ever day through my bloglines account. I don't know if that even shows up on your stats unless I click through.

Sarah said...

great ideas! I love the vintage dress you show in another post!

Mom2fur said...

Thank you, Sarah!

Jungles Wife said...

Just found your blog via your comments on mine - Thanks, BTW. :-) I love your header - my first thought was, "I can almost smell that rose!"

She'sSewPretty said...

My mom was the quality control for a cleaning service. They charge $100. an hour to clean your house. She always told me to start in one corner and never look up until I got to the next corner. I am always amazed how well that works.