Thursday, August 14, 2008

Project Runway

I don't usually write commentary on TV shows. I think there are others who do a much better job. But I thought I'd start doing it for the few reality shows I actually watch. The current one is " Project Runway." (The others are "Top Chef" and "The Next Food Network Star".)

I started watching PR a few seasons ago. After surfing a bit, I'd stopped on it for a few moments and was impressed the designers were asked to create something for the "Everyday Woman." Not only that...but the women were the designer's moms!

Watching how people think and create is something I really enjoy. The talent is amazing, for the most part. I do have to wonder, sometimes, what certain people sent in as their audition videos to get them on the show. Case in point is Leanne. She's been on the bottom too many times to still be there. I think the only reason she wasn't sent packing this week is because she was only the 'helper' end of the team.

This week, the contestants were asked to pair up to design an outfit for Brooke Shields to wear on "Lipstick Jungle." I honestly never watched the show, so I don't know what works there. But I know what I like, hate, or find here goes.

Korto and Joe--the jacket was interesting and I loved the color, but the dress was a snooze.

Jerrel and Stella--awesome creativity, workmanship and teamwork. Stella keeps on surprising me. For someone who looks like a half-burned out biker chick, she really is talented. (The outfit last week might have been okay except for that silly cutout, though.) This outfit was my own personal favorite tonight.

Keith and Kenley--I hated the skirt. Which is funny, because the judges loved it. Maybe it was nicer in person. Just MHO, and what do I know about fashion? I own exactly 2 dresses.

Terri and Suede--I just wrote 'yuk" in my little notebook.

Blayne and Leanne--the top was pretty nice, otherwise it was really boring.

Kelly and Daniel--I only wrote "not crazy about it."

An aside: I wish Kenley would zip it with that silly and often inappropriate laughter. Grow up, already. But maybe that's just crabby middle-aged me talking.

Okay, so Keith won. I wish it had been Jerrel and Stella. Leanne should have gone home, but since Daniel was the team leader the burden was on him, so bye-bye Daniel.

Does anyone else watch? (I know Becky does!) What do you think?


Becky said...

I'll let you know what I think later... actually didn't get to watch it last night because I was out. But it is sitting on a tape in here, and will be watched after I eat dinner/catch up on all the financial stuff I've been putting off in favor of crafting and goofing off! There, that should motivate me!

Lorraine said...

I have been watching PR every season and I always get the "why do you want to watch that?" from the DH. I think that some or maybe even most of the creations are off-the-wall, but there's something about the creating process that keeps me coming back every week.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I secretly watch it and I love it. I am not very good at fashion or being creative so maybe that is why I like watching other people be creative!