Saturday, August 16, 2008

Waste Not (Late Sew Crafty Friday)

I didn't participate in Shereen's Sew Crafty Friday on time 'cause I couldn't find my camera. I thought I had put it in one of the cubbies of my desk but didn't see it. I shoulda sat down and really looked--it was in there, tucked in the back. So I took a picture this morning. This blouse is two in one--a sleeveless one I started a year or so ago, and the sleeves from the Project Runway blouse I decided I didn't like. (But I do like the sleeves!)

By the time I cut the binding off the sleeves, the armholes were big enough that I didn't even need to gather the sleevecaps. Next step is to try it on again to see if I need to add a panel to the neckline. I think it would look nice because it would tie the whole thing together.

This is an interesting pattern. I no longer have it, so I can't tell you where it came from. But it has no zipper or buttons. The bottom half is cut on the bias, so it is stretchy enough to go over your head.

It will be part of my fall wardrobe. The sewing is at various stages--I got the buttons for the blouse I posted about last week but I'm waiting on the right color thread. (On order from Joanne's.) I cut out a brown blouse which is also in two coordinating prints. I traced a pattern from Burda's free patterns site for pants. I don't usually make pants because they never fit me right, but I thought I'd give it a go.

Another first for me is a jacket with a lining. I found some fabric on sale in a rust and brown herringbone pattern. I didn't realize until it came in the mail that is is polyester and I don't do polyester. I don't like how it feels. However, a jacket is not worn against the body and the poly will help it keep its shape.

I gotta tell you, though, cutting through that stuff is like cutting through Kevlar. Holy cow, is it stiff! And this is after washing, it sure does fray.

Oh, and something totally not related to sewing: Trader Joe's pizza dough rocks. I have not been happy with my own homemade recipe and decided to give it a try. My pizza last night tasted amazing! Not as economical as I'd like it to be, since mozzarella hasn't been on sale, but still cheaper and better than take out!

Check my sidebar and click on "Waiting for Him" to see the nice projects my more timely blogger acquaintances posted on "Sew Crafty Friday." This time, I'll be more careful to put the camera where I can actually see it.


Debbie J. said...

Wow, lots of projects going on at your house! You always amaze me with your wardrobe sewing.

BTW, Its me that needs to come to YOUR blog for inspiration. You accomplished so much in your attic. Its still way too hot here to even go up into ours. I call it Toys R US up there. My kids are 21 and 28, and they have lots of toys up there.

Its my night at Mama's tonight, but when I go pack my overnight stuff, I plan to spend a few minutes dusting and pulling stuff out of my closet. I can get a box full of clothes at least, put it in the trunk of the car and drop it off tomorrow, if I'm smart enough!

Good luck with your next attic cleaning session!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the extra tip! Those inserts are for more than bookmarking pages? Lol. I think I'll subscribe this month. It definitely pays for itself. Oh, and I love your projects. I'm hoping to get my hands on a sewing machine and teaching myself the art of baby clothes. Thanks for stopping by :)