Saturday, November 29, 2008

Found Treasure

Know what's even cooler than unwrapping Christmas decorations?
Finding a box that's been tucked away and forgotten for five years!

How do I know it's been that long? 'Cause the newspaper used to wrap the items is dated December of 2003.
I found things in that box I completely forgot I had. Including this sweet little angel. She stands about six inches tall and is made of paper.

Can you believe she is well over 40 years old? Her story is this: my Aunt Mary (who is now 87) worked in a gift shop in Zanesville, Ohio. She always sent us the coolest, most thoughtful gifts. One year, she set three of these to our house--one for me and one for each of my sisters. Each angel had hair to match our own hair color.

I also unearthed some of my own Christmas decorations, but none as priceless as my little paper angel!


AmyK said...

That definitely is fun. I love finding decorations that have been tucked away unnoticed for a few years. It's like finding buried treasure.
What a neat decoration!

Snap said...

I've been cleaning the house -- top to bottom -- everything covered with plaster dust from the repairs after IKE. I tackled a closet and ran across a *Santa Box*. Back in the middle ages, I used to buy/collect little gifts and put them in the box. Well, I found really cute Mr. and Mrs. Claus and Snowman tins -- and -- hold on to your hat -- they are marked 1981 Made in the USA! Good golly Miss Molly! Wonders never fail to cease! I'm keeping them!