Saturday, November 08, 2008

Starting My Christmas Prep

Today, I measured out flour and other dry ingredients for 3 types of cookies. I labelled the bags (spritz cookies, brown sugar cutout cookies and sandwich cookies), including what ingredients are in them. In the case of the sandwich cookies, I also made a separate bag of powdered sugar, which I labeled and put inside the bigger bag.

That makes four baking steps already done!

Now all I have to do is watch for sales on butter, sugar, flour and eggs. Butter's on sale this week, so I'll stock up, but I haven't seen any deals on other baking needs yet. I'm keeping my eyes open!

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Nanci said...

This is a REALLY great idea!!!! My cookies, if made too early and if not hidden well enough, get eaten. Which only doubles my work because I have to rebake. I definitely plan on implementing this method this holiday season. Thanks for the tip.