Monday, November 17, 2008

Must Be Santa Monday

Amy over at "Be Jolly, By Golly" is hosting "Must Be Santa Monday" again. She posts about a cool little present she's giving her Dad this Christmas. Go on over and take a look:

I'm trying to make a bunch of presents this year, and will post about those at a later date...when I have something to show! Meantime, my big, for-the-whole family gift this year is going to be a...

DVD recorder.

Except I don't know anything about them. Does anyone have one? Any recommendations? I can't afford top-of-the-line but I can do better than the cheapest one since I've been saving up. So I'm open to suggestions!


Audra Krell said...

What a great gift! You're gonna love it!!! I dont' watch very much TV, only about 3 hours a week, but when I want a show...there it is. I don't know what brand ours is. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning, it is great to "see" you and my favorite little clown! : )

AmyK said...

Hey look, I'm famous! Lol.

I've actually been searching for a DVD recorder, too, but no luck. I'm probably going to give up on my search, though, 'cause in my searching I found WAY too much other stuff and spent the money on that..haha.
Good luck in your search!