Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pantry Inventory

Well, first, I passed my 500th post mark and didn't even realize it, LOL! Blogging Time Flies!

Okay, onto today's offering: Debbie J. inspired me with a post about stocking up for winter:

I had taken an inventory of my pantry way back in July, so it was high time to do it again. I still had the original on my computer, so I just printed out copies and took those to the pantry (actually, a big hall closet) and did some editing. I crossed off what was gone and added new stuff, and now I have two nice lists--one for the bottom shelf and one for the middle shelf. (The top shelf is cereal, which fluctuates too much to bother with inventory.)

By going back over the old list and seeing what was crossed off, I was able to see what things I need to be stocking up on. I just jotted them down quickly, but I plan to make an index card to keep in my wallet to have on hand whenever I go out shopping. You never know when you'll see a good deal on ketchup, LOL!

Next stop: the freezer!


Melissa said...

The index card is a good idea. I maintain a list of items that I know I will need in a few weeks either when I notice we are low or when we grab the last one if it's a toiletry.
This allows me to catch the best most environmentally friendly deal. I am able to minimize packaging and catch the sale.

Debbie J. said...

Now you've inspired me to do an inventory. I need to have it on paper so I can refer to it when planning meals. I could be much more inventive if I knew what was there to work with!

Debbie J. said...

I would love to plug in all my ingredients and get recipes! Thanks for the site! D.

Mom2fur said...

For anyone else who wants it, the site is It's fun to play with--you list what you have on hand and it gives you back recipes, many of which you'll be able to make 'right now.'