Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I heart roti chicken...

...although not 1/1,000,000th as much as I heart my husband (see previous post), LOL!

Okay, I know I have blogged about rotisserie chickens before, especially when stores offer them for half price. Last Friday I got a huge one (a "Big Chickie," LOL) for only $4.50. It's about twice the size of a usual chicken. Anyhoo, I broke it down and I'm getting two meals (for four) and several lunches out of it. Plus I boiled it up the leftover bones/etc. for broth--two free quarts! And of course, the dog and cats enjoy any scraps.

The reason I'm writing about it today is because I just finished a delicious chicken salad sandwich. It was a little different because I put chopped up dried cherries in the mix. I had bought some a while ago because I have heard cherries are really, really good for you. The dried ones are too pricey, but you only need a few and they keep for quite a long time. (Think about adding any dried fruit next time you make chicken salad--yum!)

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Debbie said...

Those are great links, I've only seen WFMW before. I'm still new to blogging (reading and writing) :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing the cereal coupon tip, even though it isn't relevant for me right now (we live in Israel). So many foods I took for granted in the US are "luxury foods" here!

Nancy said...

Thanks for stoppin' by the Ranch and the tip! Hope you can come back for a visit again soon!

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

YUM! I love the idea of adding dried fruit to your chicken salad. Hey I loved the idea of the mesh strainer, thanks I completely forgot about something like that! My mom had one as a kid and I just figured they didn't make them anymore. But, I will be keeping my eye out and I'm sure one of the Amish stores would have one on my way to work!