Friday, March 19, 2010

Sew Crafty Friday: Necklaces

Here are some necklaces that I've made. These are just simple one-strand designs, but I have a beading magazine and plan to try my hand at more complicated patterns like flowers.
I make my necklaces on stretchy cord and I use magnetic clasps--except for the blue necklace, which has a barrel clasp you screw together. I prefer the magnetic ones--all you do is hold them close and they immediately snap together. I don't know about you, but reaching behind my head to hook necklaces in the regular way is annoying and clumsy.

I picked up most of the beads on sale, or using my Michael's coupon. The blue pendant was purchased for $4 at a store in Columbus, Ohio. It is glass and one-of-a-kind. That particular necklace probably cost me $10-12 to make and you know you wouldn't find it in any store for that cheap of a price!
Please take a hope over to Shereen's blog (link on my sidebar) for Sew Crafty Friday. It isn't just for sewing, but for any kind of crafters. C'mon, show us all how talented you are!


~Molly~ said...


I started making crocheted beaded necklaces several days ago. Pics on my blog(not good pics though-lol). I've never been able to work with jump wires and such so have never attempted much jewelry. Now I have the best of both worlds.*G*

Terri said...

Wow!!! They are gorgeous Clare! You did a wonderful job.

You asked me if my table runner pattern was an Ohio Star. To be honest, I don't know. I just made it up so I could of stumbled upon a real pattern without knowing about it. :-)

Beth said...

Beautiful necklaces! I used to make jewelry before I had so many kids, but mine were never that good. But its kinda making me want to dig it back out again.

varunner said...

Gorgeous necklaces. Thanks for the comment. I don't remember the Pebbles doll, but I did like the Flintstones.
We have a bunch of fur babies too (4 cats, a dog, 28 chicks, 2 horses, and a pony).

Nanci said...

Your necklaces are so pretty. I especially love the first one -- it is sooo striking. I hope you'll share pictures of more of these in the future.