Sunday, March 21, 2010

My husband is awesome

But I think I probably blogged that already. Can I say it enough? He comes inside today and says, "Merry Christmas!" (Yeah, I's really the second day of spring.) So what do you think he got me?
A new laptop! Here I sit playing with it. It's a Compaq. Don't ask me the tech stuff about it, but it's faster than any other computer we have with a longer-lasting battery.
My son (the computer expert) set it all up for me. I just need to get a mouse. (I've found from experience I do not like the little pad attached to the computer, but it's okay for now.)

One nice aspect is a button that tells you if a site is okay to use. It is a green circle. If it isn't all green, the site is questionable. In fact, Michael says it won't even let me on any bad sites at all! I'm pretty sure that's why my last laptop eventually crashed.

There is a blessing in disguise, though, regarding the old laptop. After it crashed, Nick reset it to its original factory settings. Everything was lost, but the truth is that all my photos are both on my desktop computer and my camera, and I had already moved my writing work to that computer, too. So...without all the programs, the computer now runs almost as fast as it did two years ago.

What a great day--I got my new laptop, and Nicky now has his own. I'd say that was awesome, except I'm reserving that word for my husband.

Yeah, he's a keeper.


BittersweetPunkin said...

Your hubby IS awesome!!


Elizabeth said...

Yippeee! New computers rock! Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. By way of your comment, I'm guessing we have a similar sense of humor. :)

Nanci said...

Congrats! on your new computer, but mostly for having a good husband.

lusks said...

I don't like the pad thing on laptops either, always have a mouse attached, although grandson says I should get a wireless one, but I'm fine as I am thank you. Your husband is so special to have surprised you.