Friday, March 05, 2010

Sew Crafty Friday

Please visit Shereen's blog (see my sidebar). Sew Crafty Friday isn't up yet--it's early, but you can see how cute her dog RJ is...and I hope that SCF is there later on!

Here are some more St. Pat's things I've made. The potholder on top is a recent project. The back is a plain square of the darker green and the front is just two rectangles sewn together. I free-hand drew the shamrock for the applique, and I made the bias binding. I had bought some insulated batting* for the middle. It makes a pretty thin potholder, but is good for taking things out quickly from the oven, like cookies. If I need to hold something a little longer, I just double-up and use 2 potholders. (*A great investment--one package will make many projects!)

I did the pillows a few years ago. I had a pattern for those shamrocks, which is why they look so much nicer, LOL!

The heart-shaped pillow was the easiest thing to make. You start with a square, then draw two round bumps around two sides. The way I did it was to sew the heart together, then use that to trace a plain heart for the back.

And, btw, you can see that a shamrock is nothing more than 3 hearts put together! So all you really need to do is trace a Valentine's heart 3 times. Or you can get 3 heart-shaped pieces (wood, styrofoam, whatever), glue them together and paint them or wrap them in fabric and you have a St. Pat's decoration!


~*Mona*~ said...

Adorable! I think even your free-hand shamrock is wonderful!!

Very cute ideas.

I am hoping she gets her post up soon also, mine is ready!

Nanci said...

These are so cute! I've never used the insulated batting, but I have used 100% cotton batting which is recommended for hot pads and such.

I was just thinking that the Sew Crafty Friday link is where I first came across your blog several years ago. Glad it's back. I always love to see your projects!!!

Carolyn said...

Nice job! I enjoying seeing your projects and get inspired. I'm currently saving for a sewing machine.

Mrs. Mommie Strain said...

i updated my menu post with links to the recipes ..enjoy!!!