Monday, March 08, 2010

Tortilla Pizza

I found a pizza recipe using flour tortillas instead of pizza dough. I figured it was a good, quick way to make something different for lunch. The recipe calls for turkey pepperoni. Now me, I'm fussy--don't mess with what I know. But since I'm having some blood pressure problems and need to lose a little weight, I figured what the heck.

To my surprise, it tastes almost exactly like regular pepperoni but with 75% less fat! I have to do a comparison of the sodium content, but you get to eat a lot of pepperoni slices in one serving--and I only eat about 1/4 of that.

All you need is flour tortillas (or make them if you are ambitious), some sauce, low-moisture* mozzarella and whatever toppings you want. I have a pizza stone but you can use a cookie sheet just as well. Just throw it together and pop it into a 400 degree oven. It should cook up in a few minutes--if it turns brown around the edges, it's crispier. I like it that way. My younger son had his softer and just bent it like a soft taco.

*I think I've blogged about this before, but you always want the low-moisture kind so your pizza doesn't get all runny.

I made up a menu plan for two weeks and for the first time included some breakfasts and lunches. I'm not going overboard here--breakfast happens to be whatever was on sale in the frozen section of the grocery, cereal or maybe French toast or bacon and eggs. (Yeah, I know--bacon and blood pressure do not mix well. If I eat the stuff once a month, that's a lot. Ha, ha, maybe I'll see if turkey bacon tastes good!)

Hope everyone has a nice week! I'm seeing green things poking out of the ground, yay!


bodyhacker said...

Hello, my husband and I are on a low calorie diet and just love pizza. For the past couple of years we had to give up one of our favorite foods although I was determined to find a pizza recipe! We found the best Torillas which are made by 'The La Tortilla Factory' and they are the Low Carb/High Fiber Tortillas (only 80 calories per torilla and they are the large size)!

Ever since then we have been faithful customers (actually most days we have at least 2 of these wraps). These tortillas are cholesterol-free, contain no saturated fats, trans fat or hydrogenated oils!

We use the wraps for all of our meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner although can be also used for snacks (you just have to get creative).

If you are interested, we list our favorite Italian Veggie Pizza Recipe on our site and will continue to list more our of recipes.

You can find these torillas at local grocery stores although if you have any problems finding them at your local store you can also order them online either from La Torilla directly or from other online health stores.

Hope you are able to enjoy! :-)

odstbuckman9 said...

Thanks so much for the suggestion! I'll certainly try to find that brand.