Friday, March 26, 2010

SCF--cleaning and crochet today

Well, I hope I get in some crochet! I decided when I woke up this morning that my concentration will be on a big kitchen overhaul. That means taking everything off the counters and table-top, cleaning those 'behind the scenes' areas and then putting things back. I'm not one of those 'stick to a job until it is finished' types. It's boring, IMHO. So I do some fun stuff--like blogging--in between boring stuff like wiping crumbs from where the toaster sits.

But I want to keep up with Sew Crafty Friday
over at Shereen's blog, so I'll just show you some of my on-going crochet projects:

The yellow thing on top is the start of a baby blanket. It will be for the first great-grandchild of the family. My older sister's daughter is having a little boy in July--my first grand-nephew! I plan to make this about the right size for a car seat (because a light blanket is good when the A/C is on) , and add a blue border around the edges. It is a very easy shell pattern--each shell is simply one single and two double crochets.
I need to finish this one, so it is where I'm concentrating. I try to do a few rows a day (it's 120 stitches across).

Moving down is my first attempt at mittens. They are easier than I expected but I didn't get them finished in time for a Christmas gift last year, so they will be for someone next winter. I only need to do one thumb!

The blue and brown thing is an afghan that is about 1/4 done. It's another one I try to work on regularly, although it is not in line to be a gift. I bought the multi-colored yarn on the clearance rack a while back because I love the combo of turquoise and browns. I picked up the turquoise yarn for the solid part of the blanket. I did about 20 rows of the mixed, and I'll do a large section of solid, then one section of mixed and will finish with solid on top. It is grownup-sized, btw.

Lastly, the purple thing on the bottom will be a giant crayon pillow. I started this a loooong time ago and only pick it up once in a while. I really have to be in the mood to do all those single crochets.

Which brings me to one last item, which I did not photograph because there's nothing to see yet. I'm actually attempting to crochet socks. They are taking a long, long time because the sock yarn is very fine and the hook is teeny-tiny. And it doesn't help that I lost my instruction book!

Please visit Shereen's blog and participate in Sew Craft Friday. Please? We want to see how talented you are! (And yes, whether you knit, sew, crochet, scrapbook or whatever, you ARE talented!)


Terri said...

I didn't get anything crafty done this week at all. I love the color combination of the blue and brown afghan. They are all going to be beautiful when they are done!

Nanci said...

The vibrant colors in your afghan are wonderful. You're like me -- several projects going at the same time. Sometimes things get a little out of hand for me though. I've got about 5 projects going each at a different stage, and I couldn't even get anything completed for SCF this week. Oh well, I guess there's always next week.

Isn't it great that more people are showing their projects? I just LOVE seeing all the pretties!!!!