Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cheap Mayo

My price book tells me the cheapest place to buy Hellmann's mayo when it isn't on sale is Target. But last week CVS had it on sale even cheaper. I bought 2 jars. Then some coupons I ordered via eBay came in the mail, including a coupon for 50 cents off Hellmann's. I almost went back to CVS to buy another jar, but I couldn't find my coupon folder. A blessing in disguise! This week, Stop & Shop has it on sale for $1.99. Minus a doubled coupon, I'm getting mayo for 99 cents. There are some stores where the darned stuff costs almost $4/jar!!! What I have noticed is that sales are cyclical--if one store has it this week, everyone else will have it next week. Or more than one store will carry the same sale item. This is where comparing prices really helps--you can figure out the best place to buy something.

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