Saturday, May 13, 2006

I hate driving

I really do. I think I've already posted this a gazillion times. I hate driving almost as much as I hate snow. Driving in the snow...forget it. But that's a moot point since it's the middle of May. It might not be such a bad thing, though, in this day and age of $3.15 for gas. (Well, $3.15 on Thursday and $3.17 on Friday. I'm curious what it is today.) Hating to drive goes really well with the whole frugality thing, too. 'Cause all I hafta do is check the freezer, fridge and pantry and 9/10 times I've got enough to put a meal together. I have to leave for work at 3:50 today so I'll be eating early. But I have ground turkey (BOGO at Stop and Shop this week!), flour tortillas, cheese and salsa. So dinner is in the bag. husband sent my son out to get a refill for the barbecue's gas tank. I hope he's planning to barbecue tomorrow. If he wants barbecue tonight, he's on his own. The only reason I would go to the grocery is to pick up eggs and bread. My youngest has promised he'll make me French Toast for mother's day.

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