Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I've been playing "The Grocery Game" for a while now and having a lot of fun with it--as well as saving a lot of money. Now she's added CVS. Heck, I go there every week anyway. It works out to about 63 cents a week for the subscription, so I'm giving it a try. If I don't save a lot more than that I'll give it up. But I just hate reading those circulars. Why are they so busy? I think maybe because they want your eyes to look at everything else in search of what you're really trying to find. It's the same as when the daily things you need like bread and milk are waaaaay in the back of the store so you have to go through a maze of cereal and shampoo and doggie biscuits to get to it. It is pouring rain like a monsoon here but CVS is just around the corner and I need a new package of heat pads. I find using them makes work easier on my back. There is a recent coupon for thermacares but I'm waiting for a sale. Right now I use something called Bodiheat which is cheaper and lasts longer. And never once have I seen a coupon for it.

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