Monday, May 29, 2006

Tackle It Tuesday (Early)

I have to head out to work at 9:20 tomorrow and get back at 12:30. I'd be too tired to work on anything so I tackled my Tuesday project early--as will be the case as long as I have a job. So my Tackle project was the freezer compartment of my upstairs fridge. We bought a new one about a year ago, and retired the old refrigerator to the garage. I use that one for the extra gallon of milk I buy, plus all the meat I buy. Except...mostly I put the meat in the upstairs freezer until I get around to lugging it downstairs. Lugging is not something I do well. So the upstairs freezer gets overcrowded and looks like the above picture, with my husband griping he can't get to his ice. So I took everything out and put it on the counter...(See next post)

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