Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Why I haven't been here

A lot of prayers have been answered for me. I got a job! The big deal is that I have been unable to work for a long time because of back problems. I have something called "sacroiliac joint dysfunction." It's about as annoying to live with as it is to try to say (or spell) but it isn't half as bad as some people have it. Mostly I can't sit or stand for any great length of time. In other words...forget begin a cashier. So along comes this job where I only work 3 hours a day!! I'm a receptionist in a doctor's office just 5 minutes from my house. She is a pediatrician and the nicest woman ever. I answer the phone, do filing and some light cleaning. I fill out some papers for insurance, too--that one had me worried but it's actually easy. So now I'm bringing in a little money, but I still have plenty of time to do everything I like to do--like cooking and scrapbooking.
Oh, btw--thanks so much to everyone who commented on my blog! I was so happy to come here and find that. The cheesecake came out great!
My plans for each week's paycheck: 50% goes to one of my credit cards. 25% goes into savings and I get to 'play' with the other 25%.
I went to a thrift store today for the first time in years, but alas, couldn't find anything.
I think getting a job now instead of a few years ago probably worked out for the better. Trying to get myself out of debt, I have learned many good tricks--especially from reading my fellow blogger's sites! I'm so much smarter now. By combining my new found 'wealth' (LOL!) with my savings savvy...I'm sure to get not just my head...but my whole self above water!
Now I gotta go get dinner--bagels and leftover chicken cutlets. I head to work again in about an hour. Wednesday is my busy day--I'm there in the morning and in the evening both. But tomorrow, I get to sleep in.
And I have Friday off!

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