Thursday, May 18, 2006

Consignment vs Thrift

I guess there must be a difference between 'consignment shop' and 'thrift shop.' I walked into the former today. Should have been warned by the word 'Designer' in the store title. I walked out again when I saw the average price of a blouse was $30. I can buy brand-new for cheaper than that, and I don't care who made it. I mean, really, any second-hand shop isn't much more than a glorified garage sale. And who cares if the blouse was originally $60 just because Liz Claiborne made it? (No fault with L/C...I actually like her stuff when I can afford it.) If it's hanging in your closet unused, or hanging on a rack's worth exactly zilch.


SMB said...

I get so angry when I walk into high-end second-hand clothes and see that they're basically ripping people off just because the item has a designer label on it. I once saw a pilly, dingy white t-shirt selling for $15 because it was Banana Republic. I've picked up brand new BR t-shirts on sale.

SMB said...

Er, on sale for about that much.

Mom2fur said...

Yes, maybe the price on the shirt was the same, smb...but at least they weren't pilly and dingy! I have nothing against 'designer' per se, but I do have something against being overcharged for something that had already been used. Of course, if I don't pay for it in the first place, I guess I can't say I was 'overcharged,' LOL!