Friday, June 02, 2006

Found money

Figuratively, at first...after cleaning out the downstairs hall closet I found 2 bottles of Cascade I didn't know I had. They were still in the grocery bag, buried under a 12-double-roll pack of Angel Soft. Darn, if I'd known they were there, I wouldn't have had to pay full price for a bottle last week. Cascade is the only brand I use. "Brand Loyalty" is a whole 'nuther post...but this Blog is called "Sorta Frugal" not "Totally Frugal." The picture with the furry thing is the "Before" photo. In the "After" photo, you can see I've put like items together. Fuzzy thing is in the laundery room now, hanging from the window. Personal care items are in the shoe holder and cleaners and such are on that shelf. I'm not touching the wooden shelves. The items there are mostly paint cans and I'm not lifting them. (Back problems.) (The zebra pillow, etc, to the lower left of the 'after' photo are things I need to find new homes for--later.)

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Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

that sure looks organized!! looking good!