Friday, June 09, 2006


I'm not a health food nut, but after an 8-month stomach illness a few years back I'm very careful what I eat. I'm keeping my eyes out for saturated fats, for example. there I am eating some kind of ice cream cone thing from Blue Bunny (sorta like a Drumstick) and I'm casually reading the label...and I learn this puppy has 57% of my daily allowance for saturated fat! Holy COW! I don't care if it was on sale with a coupon (which doubled, btw), I guess I'm not eating one of these again. Although it did taste good. Real good. What is that saying? "Why is everything I like either illegal, immoral or fattening?" Okay, I don't mind the illegal and immoral part. I'm a solid citizen and pretty upright. But geesh, can't we have any fun??????

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