Friday, June 09, 2006

Now THIS is frugal

I had a bag of change I was going to put into one of those machines. I know--8 cents on the dollar fee--but it ain't doing me any good just sitting on my dresser, either. Except the Coinstar machine was down. So after I bought my groceries I figured I'd plug a bunch of the change into the register (self-check). As long as no one was behind me on line I figured I'd just stand there adding change. But the woman at the register likes me, so she put a 'closed' sign up for me, LOL! (Nobody came on line behind me, anyway.) So I popped $25 in change in there, which didn't include a lot of quarters--so it took forever. Okay, a few minutes. But it was fun to see the balance go down.


Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

LOL - a penny saved is a penny earned!
good for you - and don't you love nice people!

Mom2fur said...

Grace has been doing this kind of thing for about 30 years now. I found out she grew up in the same town as I did--only she's about 6 years older than me so we never knew each other. And believe me, Janice...those were a LOT of pennies!