Thursday, June 01, 2006

Making do when you're 'new'

Meredith over at "Like Merchant Ships" inspired this with her 'Ribbon to the Rescue' post. Having forgotten a basket for her first Easter as a mom, she 'made do' quite nicely.

Anyone else want to tell of a time they had to 'make do' because they didn't have something they needed? For me, when I was first married (a month before Christmas of 1980) I couldn't afford enough ornaments to decorate the tree. So I bundled up M&Ms in plastic wrap tied with pretty ribbon. They made the tree quite colorful...and boy, was it fun to take the tree down in January, LOL!

It really was a 'sweet' Charlie Brown tree. In fact, of all the Charlie Brown Christmas trees in the world in 1980...mine was the Charlie Browniest!


Jenn said...

Speaking of Christmas trees, my first Christmas away from home was in Germany after I went in the Army. I bought a real tree, and I had some ornaments from when I was a kid, but they didn't fill up the tree. So I bought curling ribbon in metalic red and silver and put it all over the tree and curled it, then bought a red and silver pinwheel and taped (yes, taped) it to the top of the tree with packing tape. It looked pretty good, and it worked!

Another making do story is last labor day-I was going to a party and forgot to plan something to bring. So the day of I looked around the house to see what I had on hand and decided to make carmel corn. It was easy, and cheap. Everyone LOVED it so much I was told that I had to bring it to all future parties.

Mom2fur said...

I love Caramel Corn, Jenn! Only made it once, though. I bet it was a huge hit. I mean, really, do you know anyone who doesn't love Cracker Jacks?